Engineer Aya Attaby launched the business in 2015 that would become Maison KA in 2018, Our name originated from the ancient Egyptian God "KA", which was believed by the ancient Egyptians to be the 'life force/soul' so Maison KA's meaning is 'House of the soul'. Our founder defied all the norms and followed her heart and childhood passion and opened KA as a sudden career shift following her inner feeling "Soul" Coming from a fit out finishing contracting background working with Egypt's top notch designers like Karim Mekhtegian, Mohamed fares & Mona Hussein; she acquired the skills of a critic's eye along with the meticulous eye of an artist; Hence when the decision was taken to shift her career, her life time passion of becoming a furniture designer and manufacturer came to the light with uniqueness and love. Having each of our prototype pieces handcrafted thoroughly with great passion and care, placed us rapidly in the Egyptian market. amongst its biggest and eldest names, that we acquired big clients like Hassan Allam properties (Swan lake Sahel clubhouse), by Ganz & palm hills (Mazeej hotel Sahel), and last but not least Rixos Magaweesh hotel besides hundreds of individual art loving clients. Our main goal is to provide the Egyptian market with 100% Egyptian made product with the same quality of those imported goods. Our long term target is to put Maison Ka side by side to the globally recognized brands utilizing Egyptian hand craftsmen and brains.

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3 Mohammed Zaghloul, Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt

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